We have a new website!

We have a new website!

We’ve hit the ground running this year with our swanky new website now up and running for 2021! The onset of Covid-19 kicked us into gear about the importance of being online for our customers, so we’re delighted to get this up and running for you all.

What’s new?

  • A number of customers gave us feedback that our old website was quite slow on their phones, so we’ve improved the speed for mobile visitors.
  • The new website makes it much easier for us to add new products to our site. This means we will be able to scale our home delivery service later this year.
  • We have an updated recipes section and a new blog section. This means we can keep you up to date with new recipes, shop specials, announcements and cooking tips for our products.

We are delighted with our new site and so would love to hear any feedback you have! If something isn’t working right, you want a recipe added or some cooking tips, you can use our contact form to reach out.

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