What is Champagne Ham?

What is Champagne Ham?

When it comes to different types of hams, we know there are too many names to keep up with. But if there was one to know a thing or two about- it’s a champagne ham. 


Why are they called champagne hams?

No, champagne ham doesn’t actually contain champagne (unfortunately). 

Champagne ham gets its name simply because it is a ‘luxury’ boneless ham, made of the finest quality pork. We can only assume it was accompanied by bottles of champagne at celebrations. 

At McLoughlin Butchers, all our champagne hams are made using the highest quality free range pork legs, and cured and smoked on site. 

How are champagne hams made?

First, the main leg bone is removed and then the ham reshaped into netting. As the leg bone is taken out this makes it easier to carve than a normal ham as it’s boneless throughout the meat, with only a small part of the shank left at the top so it’s easy to hold. 

Next, the champagne ham is cured. This is the process of pumping the ham with a salt brine,  which changes it from a pork leg into a ham.

Unlike cheap supermarket hams, champagne hams are not over pumped with salt and water – which reduces the flavour.

Finally, the hams are cooked. We slow cook our champagne hams for 12hrs using jarrah wood chips, to give it a lightly smoked finish. 


How long does champagne ham last in the fridge?

From the date of purchase, if the ham hasn’t been opened it can last up to 45 days in the fridge. 

Once opened, if stored correctly champagne ham can last up to 14 days in the fridge.

(See our ham guide on how to store your ham correctly)

We produce our champagne hams all year round, not just at Christmas time! Please contact us or visit our shop if you would like to purchase one of our champagne hams today.

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